About the Fast Power Boat Trips

Our 30 foot fast power boat "JAKE" which is licenced and insured to carry up to 20 persons can be used for fast trips round the islands or for private charters for those who want to experience fast cruising. This will enable you to do a lot in a short time or to go to far away places without having to spend a whole day. Boat can get into the smallest bays normally impossible for bigger boats. We can also offer fast trips to Sicily and back on the same day. Ideal also for offshore fishing as its speed will get you to the fishing grounds in no time leaving a lot more time to fish. Another option is chartering this boat from the Cruise Liner Terminal in Valletta Harbour for a trip to the Blue Lagoon on Comino and also a stop on Gozo for a half day jeep tour and back to cruise liner in time.